The Program

Holistic Education Montessori Center ‘s Preschool Program is a holistic preparation for Grade 1. To fully develop the Montessori learning habit, we recommend a minimum stay of 2 years, even better a full 3 years.

Montessori philosophy and approach cater to the needs of a developing child. Theories are based on scientific observations of the way a child develops naturally and are then applied in an educational system consistent with the principles of natural learning.

Instead of age based levels, we have areas of development:

The different areas do not isolate a certain learning experience; rather, all subjects are interwoven. Within the “prepared environment” the child is guided according to his capabilities, from one learning situation to another but at the same time given the freedom to learn in his own unique way. In an atmosphere of acceptance and liberty the child’s develops not only his intellectual faculties, but also basic patterns and concentrations, reasoning and independent choice.