General Policies

Dress Code

MONDAY THRU THURSDAY, H.E.M.C. requires the students to wear comfortable clothes to allow them to work with ease. We encourage student’s to wear footwear they can remove and wear themselves and with minimal help from adults. Friday , the students must wear their school uniform.

Birthday celebrant is exempt from wearing the uniform.

Suspension of Classes

Automatic suspension or cancellation of classes that do not require any announcement.

  1. Typhoon signal no. 1 or higher is raised by PAGASA for Metro Manila
  2. Localized suspension of classes announced by city mayors


Please do not send your child to school whenever he/ she is not feeling well, with temperature or a bad case of cold, cough and other contagious ailments such as sore eyes, mumps, etc. they are better off staying home so that they can get plenty of rest and liquid.

Birthday Parties

H.E.M.C. allows birthday parties only on FRIDAYS . To make the students’ party more enjoyable and memorable, we allow party hosts, magician, puppet shows. Mascots are allowed, however, if quite a number of students show they are afraid, the teachers may ask the mascot to leave.

H.E.M.C. suggests simple / healthy foods for the party. Easy to spoil food (e.g. Spaghetti) and carbonated drinks are not allowed. Loot bags are enjoyed by the children the most.