An Introduction to the Montessori Approach

We are now accepting reservations for our 5 week Summer Class Program ! (February 2018)

Schedule: April 16 – May 18, 2018

Time Slots:  9:00-11:30 am, 9:30-12:00 nn.

FREE TUITION! Pay only P6,000 for Miscellaneous Fee (includes snacks and supplies)

27 students per class with 2 teachers and 1 class aide

Reservation Fee : P1,000

Requirements: 2 pcs. 2×2 colored picture, Doctor’s Certificate /Health Certificate , Information Sheet (secure form website or visit us)


“Introduction to the Montessori Method”

Week 1              Orientation

Introduction of teachers and children, school rules and schedule

The first week will allow the children to get acquainted first with their new environment, settle in to the routine and get to know their teachers and new friends

Week 2            Practical Life Week-(Motor Skills)

Introduction to exercises on the care of the person, environment, grace and courtesy, control and coordination of movement. All these lead to independence, self-control and intellectual order essential for later learning.

Week 3            Sensorial Week ( Logical Thinking/Reasoning)

Introduction to exercises that help the child classify his past and continuing impressions gathered from his environment. Trains and refines the child’s 5 senses. All of the sensorial activities are sequential and self correcting, allowing the child to be competent through independent/group work.

Week 4       Language Week (Reading and Writing)

Introduction to vocabulary development, enhancement of verbal and written expression, introduction to letter sounds and function of words. Reading and writing are not the end goals but are roads to language development.

Week 5     Math Week (Number and Operational Concepts)

Introduction to exercises that form an excellent foundation for math concepts, as they always lead the child to the abstract through concrete materials and experiences. Montessori math materials offer sensorial and visual impressions of numbers from 1 to the millions. These materials lay the basis of algebra and geometry.