We believe in the uniqueness of each child. We recognize the need to regard each child’s differing interests, capabilities and needs.


We believe in a partnership with parents in the process of making each CHILD become a critical thinker, responsible and caring, creative, self directed and socially sensitive.


We believe in providing each child a suitable learning environment–wherein stimuli and activities, specific learning materials, techniques, tools and equipment are provided and used in aid of the child’s holistic development, particularly during the child’s sensitive period of learning.


1. The CHILD above all things! The child’s interest, holistic development and safety shall be the ultimate objective of all our actions.

2. We shall strive to have the best suited faculty and compensate them with comparable, if not better than industry compensation to enable them to live a decent family life, conducive to better work in the classroom. We shall insure that all of HEMC staff shall be chosen on the basis of what they can contribute towards the development and protection of the child.

3. We shall apply both the Montessori method of education and the guiding principles of the Philippine Government through the Department of Education.

4. We shall abide by all laws and regulations pertaining to our industry.

5. To help parents better plan their financial needs, we shall adhere to the policy that “Tuition paid on the first full school year of each child at HEMC shall remain unchanged until he/she leaves school.” Tuition increases shall apply only to new enrollees. (Except in time of extraordinary inflation)

About Us

Holistic Education Montessori Center started in June 1997. There were only eleven enrollees.

From its humble beginnings, it has slowly but surely progressed. Through “word of mouth” it has increased to a hundred and twenty enrollees this school year.


To provide suitable environment, stimulus, materials, tools and equipment in aid of a holistic development particularly during the child’s sensitive period of learning.

To contribute in the process of making each child become a critical thinker, socially sensitive, self-directed, creative, responsible and caring individual.


HEMC Montessori - School LogoIt is a bird’s eye view of a PYRAMID. The four sides of the pyramid represent the four areas of emphasis namely Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Mathematics. These areas of skills and discipline converge at the top representing a well-developed and well-rounded child.


“Quality Preschool Benefits a Child for Life”


Awarded as
Most Outstanding Holistic Pre School
of 2005 by
The Philippine Marketing Excellence Award

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