Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why are the children in mixed age group in class?

There is synergy between the children of different ages. There is constant interaction, problem solving, child to child teaching, and socialization. Children are challenged according to their ability and not their age. Younger children look up to the older ones for guidance and example while older children learn to be caring and look after the younger children.

Don’t the students have a difficult time when they transfer to traditional school?

Generally, students who have graduated from the Montessori classroom do well once they transfer to traditional schools. The holistic and well rounded approach of the Montessori Method foster the children to be well prepared academically, socially, and emotionally. This means not only are they ready for the challenges of academics, but they are able to adapt to new situations, and have developed a great sense of love for challenges and learning.

How do the teachers assess and evaluate the performance of each student?

Assessment is done by the teacher’s record-keeping and observation of daily work and activities. There is a progress report which is not numerically grade based but serves more as a guideline on how the child is developing. The test whether the system is working lies in the accomplishment and behavior of the child, their happiness, maturity, kindness, love of learning, and level of work.

Are the teachers able to keep track and work with all of the students in class?

Each child is guided individually. They have periods of uninterrupted work, repeating activities for as long as they like. Their two -hour work period with Montessori materials may be divided into individual work, working one one one with their teacher or working in small groups with their classmates. Rather than lecturing to large groups of children, the teacher is trained to teach one child at a time, and to oversee the other children working on a broad array of tasks. She is trained to recognize a child’s readiness—according to age, ability, and interest. Although the teacher plans lessons/materials for each child for each day, she will have to balance this out with that of the interest of the child.