Typical Snacks

The Snacks are designed to introduce the child to healthy food of different tastes and textures. Our snacks lean heavily on good grains, fruits and vegetables, to supplement any deficiencies at some homes which may serve more animal meat and fats.

MONDAYS (make your own Sandwich Day)
Bread and plant based spreads such as fruit jams, margarine, peanut butter, choco/hazelnut spread and others.

TUESDAYS ( Vegetable Day)
Vegetable based snacks like veggie tempura, vegetable shanghai, sweet potato fritters, boiled or barbecued, French Fries, taro, hash browns and others.

Grain based snacks such as champorado, Arroz Caldo (w/ Chicken or tofu), Taho, Ampao, Mais Con Hielo, binatog, corn on the cob, oatmeal, rice cakes, nilagang monggo, ginataang mais/monggo and others.

Fruits and fruit based snacks such as fresh fruits, fruit salad, fruit smoothie, banana fritters, turon, bananacue,maruya, and others.

FRIDAYS (Special Day)
Special treats such as smoothies, cheese sticks, pancake, waffles, brownies, etc.


*All snacks are served with fruit juice and/or Soy Milk.